How does it work?

We have years of experience and our testimonials can show that we have many happy customers, to see the full range of plants available, you can also browse our main nursery site

We offer an initial viewing appointment with us where one of the hire team will be able to guide you around the nursery, explaining the different options you have, and how we operate the logistics from start to finish. If you wish to go ahead we can start making a plan with you.


Once you are happy to go ahead we require a £150 deposit to confirm your booking for the date(s) of the event. We are limited to the number of events that we can cater for per day so before we accept your booking we will ensure we have the capacity. As we are working with nature we can ensure you have the best available choice of trees that are looking good for your special day.

Nursery Viewing

If you haven’t done so already, we like our clients to visit the nursery. If your event is more than a year ahead we highly recommend coming to the nursery the same month as the event so you can have a better idea of how the trees will look at the time of year you will be using them. If you do not live locally, why not consider asking a trusted friend or relative to visit on your behalf. We can send a tailored quote after this visit showcasing your choice and our initial quote is flexible if you are not happy with the items you have selected.

Final Selection of the trees – 7 – 10 days before the event.

A week to ten days before your event, we like to meet you at our nursery where we tag each tree and make the final plan of where they will be located. We will now need a seating plan (where appropriate), if not already received. At this stage we can still change the number of trees, heights etc from the original quote as we understand that the closer the event gets the more people have a chance to think about the space and often consider adding more trees to the mix. After the selection is finalised we send the final invoice which must be paid 7 days before install.

The Install – 1 or 2 days before the event

The selected trees are then waterproofed, dressed in hessian, transported, installed into the venue in the correct position and secured as appropriate. It is preferable for the client or a representative to be on site at this stage so if any alterations are needed we can accommodate them to everyone’s satisfaction. If we know this is not going to be possible we will draw a plan with you on the selection visit to ensure the best look for your special day.

After the event

During the course of the hire we ask that appropriate watering is carried out to protect the trees from harm. We will discuss this with you, as it varies depending on which tree you choose. After the event and on the appointed day, our crew will return to remove the trees and take them safely back to the nursery. They can then be grown on for someone else to enjoy, unlike cut flowers the trees are never wasted. We always leave the venue clean and tidy and often work directly with the venue to arrange the collection on your behalf.

We hope this guide gives you a better understanding of the whole process but if you have any queries or would like to book please use the contact form.

We look forward to being of service, The Botanica Team